Feature Film

"Recruiter"  Title Role    Western Independent Pictures   Sean Slater, Dir.

"The Fourth of Summer"   Lead   David Toth, Dir. 

"A Past, A Future and Destiny"  Supporting   T Films Productions   Melvin Depont, Dir.

"Jackpot"  Supporting   Chantaletc Productions   Chantal Eyong, Dir.

"Family Values"  Supporting   In/Out Productions   Nana Achiaa, Dir.

"Cybornetics"  Supporting 360 Media   Dwayne Buckle, Dir.

"Transatlantic Coffee"  Supporting   Riding Hood Pictures   Eric Peter Carlson, Dir.

"Kingsbury Run"  Supporting   Brian McCollum, Dir.


Short Film

'The Sharpest Tool in the Shed' Lead (NYU Grad. Thesis) Rachel Kliman, Dir.

"Baby Showers" Lead  ArtEffectsFX  Phil Newsome, Dir.

"Indoors" Lead (NYU) Daniel Yates, Dir.

'Picture Me' Lead (NYFA Grad. Thesis) Firasz Akkach, Dir. trailer here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsAsk9bZDA

'Shell' Supporting (La Sayona Productions) Leonardo Rodriguez, Dir. trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE--rZuPz-k

'Importance' Lead (NYFA) Zainul Burmawala, Dir.

'The Terminals' Supporting (NYFA) Shannon Stever, Dir.

'Pink Slip' Supporting Jess Brillhart (FOX's 'On the Lot'), Dir.

'Gimme Fiction' Lead (NYU) Peter Lau, Dir.

'Regret' Lead (Smashboom Prod.) Sean Emer, Dir.

'The Ryleh Gallery' Lead (Animated) Bill Stout, Dir.

'Snuggly Wuggly Blanket' (Peoples Improv Theatre) Carol/Palestinian Rich Jones, Dir.

'Pestikid' Lead James Fath, Dir. watch: www.youtube.com/watch

'Two Balls' (Akron Film Festival) Maximillian Richard Jones, Dir.


'Walk-Up' (Pilot written by Isaac Aptaker & Elizabeth Berger of "This Is Us")  Guest Star  Matthew Patches, Dir.



"Wise Potato Chips: Zombie"  Zombie  Dan Perry, Dir.   watch it here: http://miamua.carbonmade.com/projects/2563721

"Heinz: Hamlet "  Hamlet   Antoine Manceau, Dir.



Web Series

'Horrible People' (www.mydamnchannel.com) Featured   A.D. Miles, Dir.

"Ghost Light" (www.ghostlighttheseries.com)   Recurring   Neil Fennell, Dir.

'Hell's Gate'  Recurring  Chris Joslin, Dir.

'Howcast: Perfect Insult' Lead Jonathan Zames, Dir.

'Corner' Lead (Worldwie Monologue Project) NG McClernan, Dir.

Howcast: World's Record' Lead Jonathan Zames, Dir.


Music Video
"Can I Sleep On Your Futon?" (artist: Richard Barone) Principal Jason Lester, Dir

'Train Track' (artist: "Project Jenny/Project Jan") Featured Jon Zames, Dir.

'We Want to Give It to Your Girlfriend'  (artist: "Last Call") The Boyfriend   Rick Ferguson, Dir.