2011- Won Best Featured Actor of The Planet Connections Fest for "Sweeter Dreams"

2008- Nominated for Best Supporting Actor of The Midtown International Theatre Festival for "Daguerrotypes"

2004- Angle Magazine's 'Most Memorable Performances of the Year' for "Dirty Story"

2001- Won Best Actor Chanticleer Award for "The Glass Menagerie"
2000- Times Tribute Theatre Award for Outstanding Performance in "Never The Sinner"

1998- Won Northeast Ohio Live Magazine's Theatre Excellence Award and Best Acting Ensemble for "Angels in America pts 1&2"




"A gripping take on the life of a homeless man...Each character is portrayed with an unusual sense of realism. Across the board, the acting is so completely natural that you will likely feel you have met some of the play’s inhabitants in your own life...Doug Rossi is a standout as Tragedy, the disheveled beggar with a poetic bent"- Queens Chronicle [Evensong]

"What makes the anachronistic character Bob Rozycki so plausible is the superior acting work of Doug Rossi, a consummate Shakespearean actor who plays the character with appropriate bravado." (4th of Summer)
"The six-member cast is exemplary: Douglas Rossi gives us a likeable quirky good guy in the role of Bob. -Backstage (Aliens w/Extraordinary Skills)
"An excellent, must-see show. A fine selection of accomplished actors from different walks of life, are remarkable and do the play absolute justice. It’s intimate, complex, beautifully awkward, and extremely powerful; a wonderful, human experience." - Curtains Up Montreal [Circle Mirror Transformation]

"Tempus, the alcoholic screw-up who is one strike away from being kicked off the team, is played by Rossi, the standout performer of the group" (Hummingbirds)

"In the title role, Rossi has a booming voice, wild posture, and an extraordinary range: the model Smirnov. Terrific!" (The Bear)

"The cast is rounded out by Doug Rossi in a performance that pulls a lot of weight in some short scenes" (A Brief History of Thyme)

"Graduate company actor Doug Rossi convincingly runs the gamut of anger, frustration, and desperation in his attempt to confront the Keller family and rescue his sister from contamination by them, and his capitulation to the charms of Kate and the Keller backyard where he spent a happy youth is ably done."- (All My Sons)

"Doug Rossi's unforgettable, swaggering cowboy Frank -- an Uncle Sam archetype by way of George W. -- will render you helpless with laughter". (Dirty Story)

"The play is sensitively directed and skillfully performed by the four actors: Diane Mull, Liz Conway, Mark Cipra and Doug Rossi, clearly illuminating the plays underlying theme – that the true proof of human relationships is found in faith and trust. This production is altogether humane"-Tom Fulton (Proof)

"The two sons are polar opposites, with intense Doug Rossi as Danny smoldering under his father's repressive and distant regime."-(The Chosen)
"love deepens, in a pair of beautifully sculpted performances by Doug Rossi as Louis and Kenn McLaughlin as Joe" -(Angels in America)

​"One of those productions that leaves a critic in a quagmire, since its hardcore perfection makes it impossible to pick and choose individual performances," (Angels in America)
"Nathan Leopold is enacted with a plaintive creepiness by Doug Rossi as a heavy-lidded loner with too much intelligence for his own good."-(Never The Sinner)